FYTO SNIP Precision Deluxe

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The FYTO SNIP Precision Deluxe is a high-quality and solid harvesting shears with straight, particularly pointed stainless steel blades, ergonomically shaped handles and spring mechanism, which are ideal for fine and precise harvesting work. Leaves, petioles and unwooded shoots can be cut through very cleanly and effortlessly. But the Precision Deluxe also cuts a fine figure when cutting (soft) cuttings and impresses with a smooth and particularly clean cut. In contrast to the other scissors of this class, the handle and the body are made of metal, which leads to a higher overall weight and a grip-heavy center of gravity. The TPR inserts provide additional grip and at the same time protect the finger joints.
  • Type: high quality harvest scissors, fine
  • Weight: 136 g
  • Material: Aluminum, TPR, stainless steel
  • Length (total / blade): 16.5 cm / 5 cm
  • Spring mechanism: Yes
  • Particularities: TPR inlays, grip-heavy center of gravity
  • Working speed: low to medium
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