Word. Plants are our great passion. Everything we do is based on this passion. Every plant deserves its ideal environment. Our FYTO series are the result of this claim, which we have been expressing with FYTO since 2017. Since then we have designed, sketched, painted, tried, researched, developed and improved. And that's exactly what we do every day to continuously improve our products.

 No bullshit. "Grow box with 99% light reflection", "Earth with mineral components and wetting agents, but 100% organic", "Blossom booster with unicorn dust and snake oil for 300% more yield!" - It was precisely this marketing bullshit that led us to found FYTO. Because no grow box reflects 99% of the light and most declarations willfully distort the facts. We want to convince through things like transparency, facts and quality, and not lure anyone with false promises.

 FYTO SERIES. We mainly develop our products for two areas:

  • Products for commercial and medicinal hemp cultivation (cannabis). As a member of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) and the German Hemp Association (DHV), we support development in this area.
  • Culture-specific solutions for growing different types of plants, e.g. blueberries (Vaccinium), paprika / chilli (Capsicum), citrus plants (Citrus)

 Quality control. In particular, we subject our in-house produced substrates and fertilizers to regular controls. Samples from each batch are sent to the laboratory (e.g. LUFA) for analysis. Additional cultivation experiments, which we carry out in addition to our own production, give us the opportunity to optimize every decimal place, no matter how small.