About us


Moin and hello! Located at the border to the beautiful city of Hamburg, we have settled. Because we - the Schilling Phytotechnik GmbH - have specialized in the development and production of high quality growing media and potting soil. We operate 100% independently and round off our portfolio with liquid fertilizers, plant lighting and crop scissors.

FYTO structure

Founded in 2017, a total of five shareholders make every effort to ensure that FYTO grows and thrives. We are financed exclusively through private loans, because independence and absolute freedom of decision are important anchors of our philosophy.

FYTO philosophy

Your plant. Your equipment. Your decision.

Do it as you wish: every gardener is welcome. No matter which plant or equipment - we provide the solutions, you choose the way. Mineral, organic or anything in between? Do it. We help you!

Straight facts instead of hollow blah: Instead of luring you with promises, we rely on analyzes and convince with data and evaluations. Because we are constantly evolving, optimizing and changing - everything, for your yield.

FYTO Research & Development

Yes, we got our own department which solely deals with the topics of research and development - as a crucial part of our FYTO philosophy - because we produce on our own. And before you ask: Yes, our R&D colleagues wear lab coats and goggles and speak in highly scientific formulas. Their thoughts are always with the product and focused on two areas:

  1. Products for commercial and medicinal hemp cultivation (cannabis). As a member of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) and the German Hemp Association (DHV) we support the development in this area.
  2. Specific solutions for the cultivation of various plant species, e.g. blueberries (vaccinium), paprika / chili (capsicum), citrus plants (citrus).

FYTO quality control

In particular our in-house produced plugs, substrates and self-mixed fertilizers are subject to regular controls. Samples from each batch are sent to the laboratory for analysis (e.g., LUFA). Additional breeding experiments, which we carry out in addition to our own production, give us the opportunity to optimize every little detail.