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Our FYTO LED 5000K is the perfect lamp for growing plants. With his 5000K full spectrum it provides your protégés with exactly the light spectrum that they are especially in the vegetative growth phase need. In addition to the unique spectrum, this LED is 100% waterproof (IP68), a factor that obviously does not play a role in most other products on the market. This ensures absolute safety, especially in environments with high humidity. The 5000K comes in 2 variants (33.4cm / 15Watt; 63.4cm / 30Watt), each tailor-made for ours FYTO BASE V35 or V65 Grow boxes. Through the additional fastening aids The lamps are also ideal for mounting on shelves or cupboards, as the perfect light source for your own little herb garden.



  • Length: 33.4 / 63.4 cm
  • Power: 15/30 watts
  • Input voltage: 12Volt
  • Waterproof: yes (IP68)



Collections: Plant light

Type: LED Beleuchtung